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Meet Sunless, the number 1

powder shading agent

Meet Sunless


The affordable biobased 

shading agent for you!

Are you looking for an affordable, biobased shading agent for your greenhouse?

Meet Sunless.


Protect your crops from sun and lower the temperature in your greenhouse at the same time with Sunless.

SunLess is the affordable powder shading agent you can easily mix and apply yourself. Sunless is developed with a unique production process. By combining all the strength of a liquid agent but without the water. That means less buckets per hectare, lower transport cost and saving CO2. And get you the product for the best possible price. 

Why use Sunless?

Protect your crop with an affordable and biobased product, would you like to know more? 

Protect your crops

SunLess creates a high shading percentage for your crops. When growing your crop during the hot summer days you need to protect them from the harsh radiations and temperatures from the sun, this to avoid production loss.

Biobased ingredients

Sunless is Biobased. It’s developed with mainly natural ingredients and won’t harm your greenhouse or the environment. With our optimised production process, recycled packaging, SunLess makes your business more green. 


Sunless is liquid free and therefor you’ll need less buckets per hectare for a high percentage of shading. Because of our special packaging we can put more product per pallet and save you on shipping cost. 

Removing & Transparency

Removing is super easy. Spray SunClean on your greenhouse and water or rain will completely remove SunLess.

Sunlight is essential for growing crop. Sunless get more transparent by rainy days, so your crops get more natural sunlight.

Our products



The powder shading agent that is :

  • Affordable & Biobased

  • Easy to use & medium transparant when wet

  • Removably with SunClean

Green base.png


Sunless Premium

The powder shading agent that is :

  • Affordable & Biobased

  • Easy to use & maximum transparant when wet

  • Removably with SunClean

  • Easy to mix & smooth result

  • Longer Lifetime




The cleaning agent that

is :

  • Affordable & Biobased

  • For a clean greenhouse anytime

  • Removes all Sunless products

About Us

How it works

With Sunless anybody can prepare a solution of shading. Simply mix 1 bucket of SunLess with 100-150 liter water, important is to add it slowly to the water and mix it very well. Make sure to follow the instructions on the products label.

After the last bucket has been added, mix the total solution for at least 15 min. When applying the shading, make sure to keep on mixing the solution. Spray the solution on the surface until the desired result is reached. 


Advice, Spray any leftover on the South sidewalls of your greenhouse, to protect your crops and reduce waste. Please recycle the buckets. 

Removing is super easy and can be done anytime. Preparation of SunClean is easy like the SunLess shading products. After the solution is mixed well, spray SunClean evenly on your greenhouse and water or rain will completely remove SunLess.



“It works exactly like it was described. Easy and provided the shading we needed. We will definitely recommend it.”

Silva Vasileiou, Greece

“We were surprised at how well it mixed and stayed on our greenhouse. This is unique for a powder shading product.”

Raymond Souza

Pictures from our fans
White Circle donates for every sold pallet a fee to plant trees, this to compensate CO2. By planting trees we compensate the CO2 emissions. As a result, restore tropical forests.
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